What are the main differences between WordPress and Zesty.io?



I am considering a different platform to run my website on, and I would like to know what the main differences of using Zesty.io are, compared to WordPress. My website, contains basic information about my company, a few external pages about our products, as well as a blog. What reasons would I have to switch my website from WordPress to Zesty.io and about how much time is involved in doing so?


There are many things that Wordpress and Zesty.io have in common, but it is the key select differences that make Zesty.io stand out.

One of the key differences is the fact that Zesty.io is not self hosted, where the Zesty.io company runs the platform in their servers. Though many companies will do this for you with Wordress, this is not the out of the box design they plan. Zesty sets up, and manages the background information for the websites. The goal here is to spend the time you would normally spend deploying a webserver, and setting it up, to spend designing your website.

Another is the difference between the way extra features are implemented into Zesty.io. Where in Wordpress, the use of Plugins is often a common occurrence. This is a great option with many of the plugins, however, if not done properly this can lead to serious security flaws. The majority of these use cases for
plugins are built into to Zesty.io already, and ready for use on the Zesty.io platform. Zesty.io limits the ability to add external features in an attempt to strengthen the security of websites, in a goal to limit the ability to compromise a website.