Leads CSV Download



I went to download Lead CSV and the files are including/ excluding different fields every time I download.

I used the below settings every time:

  • Date Range: All Time
  • From Group: All Groups

I can’t attached the CSVs here, but happy to send if needed.

And sometime the export include all fields and sometimes it doesn’t. Could you look into? I’d like to make sure all contact fields are included in download for my client. Thanks!


This is currently a bug. There is a workaround. The workaround is to submit a form with all the inputs with value

I understand that is can be very difficult if multiple forms with different fields are needed. If you would like to talk to a dev at Zesty.io about this, let me know and I can see what I can do,


Hi Philip,

Trying to gauge - are you guys working through a fix for this, or is the
workaround the long-term solution?


We are currently working on a fix, however the fix is not currently the highest priority for the development team at the current moment.