How can somebody delete a view?


I am looking to delete a view on my site. For instance we have a view called ‘test-page-Lucas-cant-delete’. And we are unable to delete it, the button doesn’t seem to be enabled, that is next to the Save, Review and Publish buttons. How would I go about doing this?


To completely delete a new section, you will need to remove it from the CONFIG tab. The system does not allow you to delete template files that are associated with dataset that still exist in the config, even if you delete all of their corresponding content pages.


Also note, to add to @philipballew answer, the behavior is set this way to prevent content editor from deleting views or datasets. That is why deleting all the content of a dataset will not delete the dataset or the view.


This safety helps provide a dev team confidence they won’t get a frantic call that a site is broken… :slight_smile: